Hard Candy, 8 ounce

We make our old fashioned hard candy in 2 styles. This batch of the traditional spice flavors includes clove, peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, spearmint, molasses and TWO new flavors: Ginger and Nutmeg!  This batch of fruit and friendly hard candy includes lemon, lime, orange, grape, blueberry, root beer and TWO new flavors: Tropical fruit punch and Cranberry! Each batch of Fruit and Friendly will be different because we have lots of flavors we want to try. We are also using a different candy chopper for the fruit and friendly. We've had it in the family for years and decided to change things up. Some folks also call this candy hard tack or pillow candy - we call it delicious.  Check out the process on our YouTube channel - pay special attention to the high tech candy chopper.

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