Cold Pack

ORDERING CHOCOLATE? Please order 1 cold pack for every $60 worth of chocolate - we'll refund you if you order too many. Our cold pack supplies are limited, so if you don't need cold packs, you will be refunded.

If temperatures are 68° or higher, order a cold pack. Cold pack limits: for temperatures of 68° to 85°, cold pack lasts for 48 hours. For temperatures of 86° to 95° cold pack lasts for 36 hours. For temperatures of 95° and over cold pack lasts for 24 hours. Please consult time in transit map to be sure your cold pack will last for the entire trip to your destination. These cold packs are sold solely for shipping our candy safely. They are not meant to be sold separately for any other purposes and we will cancel and refund orders that do not meet that criteria.


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