Fruit and friendly hard candy
F_FHC8oz5.26.21.jpg  720 × 576px  Fruit and friendly hard candy 8 ounces
Fruit and friendly hard candy 16 ounces

Fruit and Friendly Hard Candy

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We use a patterned candy chopper for the fruit and friendly hard candy, which we've had in the family for years. Each batch of Fruit and Friendly hard candy will be different because we have lots of flavors to showcase. This batch of fruit and friendly hard candy include lime, blueberry, orange, cherry, mango, raspberry, grape and pineapple. Some folks also call this candy hard tack or pillow candy - we call it delicious. The hard candy is "accidentally vegan". Check out the process on our YouTube channel - pay special attention to the high tech candy chopper.  Choose from 8 ounces or 16 ounces.