Chocolate Covered Brittles
Chocolate covered pecan brittle
Chocolate covered pecan brittle 12 ounce box
Chocolate covered peanut  brittle 12 ounce box
Chocolate covered cashew brittle
Chocolate Covered Brittles

Chocolate Covered Brittles

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How can you improve on Hercules Candies delicious thin crispy brittle? Same answer as always: cover it in creamy, rich milk chocolate! Choose from chocolate covered cashew brittle, pecan brittle or peanut brittle. New this year - we've added chocolate covered S'mores brittle. The brittle is made with Golden Grahams® cereal and marshmallows and covered in our delicious milk chocolate. The S'mores brittle is packed in an 8 ounce box. Chocolate covered brittle is a party for your mouth and, if you share it, it's a party for everybody! You haven't lived until you've tried chocolate covered brittle. The chocolate covered nut brittles are packed in a 12 ounce box.