Jumbo peanut butter and fluff cup
Jumbo peanut butter and Fluff cup
Topping Jumbo peanut butter and Fluff cup

Jumbo Peanut Butter and Fluff® Cup

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Hercules Candy has made a GIANT the peanut butter cup and Marshmallow fluff® cup! We have encased creamy JIF® peanut butter and Marshmallow fluff® in our delicious milk chocolate to make a swoon worthy combination. A fluffernutter® sandwich is great, but who needs bread when you can have chocolate?! Steve only made a few so if you get one , you will be in rare company.  Check out how we make the regular size peanut butter and Fluff® cups on our YouTube channel. This monster confection weighs almost 18 ounces and is 6 inches in diameter. Bite at your own risk!