Local Only

The awesome goodies highlighted on this page are available ONLY in our store for local pick up. These are items that will not survive shipping because they are too fragile, the ribbons will be crushed, they are hollow and various other whiny excuses. If you are easily disappointed by what you can't have, TURN BACK NOW!!!

We have all kinds of fun things in the store that are not for sale on this site for including a chocolate garden kit and a chocoholic first aid kit.

medical chocolate shapes chocolate garden kit                    

For Thanksgiving, we have a large hollow chocolate turkey and chocolate wishbones.

chocolate wishbone large and small chocolate turkeys  

We make limited amounts of peanut butter filled molasses ribbon candy. Watch us make peanut butter filled molasses ribbon candy.

peanut butter filled ribbon candy


We usually have ribbon candy and candy canes starting in November, depending on the weather. It must be cold and dry to make ribbon candy and candy canes. We have 2 types of ribbon candy. Our spice flavor assortment includes anise, clove, cinnamon, molasses, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen. The fruit assortment includes lemon, lime, orange and raspberry. See how the ribbon candy is made.

ribbon candy stack

The candy cane flavors shown below are orange, cinnamon, peppermint, root beer and raspberry. We also make wintergreen and spearmint candy canes. See how the candy canes are made.

five flavors of candy canes             

We have some pretty special chocolates for Christmas, including hand painted Santas, chocolate reindeer and chocolate frogs wearing Santa hats

large hollow hand painted Santa   large hollow hand painted Santa   chocolate frog with a santa hat        

We have some seriously beautiful choices for Valentine's Day...

Valentines gift baskets dozen chocolate roses

There is also plenty of unique Easter awesomeness to go around...

large dark chocolate rabbit chocolate bunny lollipops

But wait, there's more...

peeps on a puddle chocolate easter basket chocolate rabbit pulling cart